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How To Determine Your Skin Type and Duration of Tanning Sessions

Our skin type is something we are born with and we cannot change it!

There are six basic categories of skin type. See if you can identify your skin type using the table below. Your TSA sunbed operator will always assist you.

Skin Type Chart

Skin Type I:

Usually bright white or pale skin, blue or green eyes, red hair and many freckles. This skin type always burns outdoors, never tans. NOTE: A person who is a true Skin Type I should avoid tanning indoors and outdoors.

Skin Type II:

Light Beige skin, blue or green eyes; blonde or light brown hair and maybe freckles. This skin type has a strong tendency to sunburn outdoors, but sometimes tans.

Skin Type III:

Light brown skin, brown eyes and hair. This skin type sometimes burns outdoors but always tans.

Skin Type IV:

Light brown or olive skin, dark brown eyes and hair. This skin type sometimes burns outdoors and tans readily.

Skin Type V:

Brown skin, dark brown hair and eyes. This skin type rarely burns outdoors and tans easily.

Skin Type VI:

Black skin, black-brown eyes and hair. This skin type rarely sunburns outdoors.

Please Note: Although the chart above discusses skin type burning potential, you should always tan in moderation and avoid sun burning indoors and out! Your salon may use a specific skin type formula to determine your tanning sensitivity indoors.

Indoor Tanning Chart by Skin Type:

Skin Type Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
II 4 min. 5 min. 7 min. 9 min. 9 min. 11 min.
III 5-6 min. 6-7 min. 7-8 min. 10 min. 10 min. 12 min.
IV 7 min. 8 min. 9-10 min. 10 min. 12 min. 15 min.
V 9 min. 10 min. 12 min. 12 min. 13 min. 15 min.
VI 10 min. 12min. 13 min. 13 min. 15 min. 15 min.

Please note:
All skin types should skip a day in between tanning and leave 48hrs between 1st and 2nd sessions. If there are reddish skin tones or tenderness customers are advised to wait until that goes away before tanning again. When you go to your tanning salon of choice they can give you more detailed advice depending on what type of tanning bed you begin to use.

NB: Skin Types 4, 5 and 6: These skin types need to exercise precaution on initial exposure. Initial exposure should also be moderate. This particularly applies if living in the UK as natural skin protection factor is depleted through lack of regular exposure to sunshine.

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